ComicCon Cartoomics 2019!

2020 is a hard and sad year for various events. We’re sure you’ve had to cancel many trips and meetings. But it is not the time to get depressed. Let’s remember one of the bright events of 2019 – ComicCon Cartoomics 2019.

45 000 sq. m. of games, entertainment and pure joy. It is one of the biggest comics festivals in Italy, held in Lombardy.

Last year our friend and special corresponded has visited ComicCon Cartoomics 2019, and here’s what he brought back.

Here are some numbers. ComicCon Cartoomics if held near Milan. The first one took place back in 1992. Ever since then this annual event is getting bigger and better. The one last year gathered together almost 100 thousand visitors. While comics remain the main topic, there’s now more attention paid to entertainment and pop culture in general.

It’s noticeable, As soon as you enter the venue, you’re going to be amazed by the number of cosplayers all over the place.

There is the City Cosplay Association, which helps to create a serious, and an almost real parallel universe, where there are fans of comics, and makeup experts, and spacious dressing rooms, as well as companies specializing in the production of costumes.

Despite the crowd, the atmosphere here is friendly and the energy is as positive as possible. And cosplayers love to pose for photoshoots.

Here are the main Italian publishers: Sergio Bonelli Editore, Panini Comics, Bao Publishing, Astorina, RW Edizioni, Star Comics, Feltrinelli Comics, etc. Here, famous Italian artists give autograph sessions, signing limited editions. And on the stands, you can see many young artists who bring new, fresh ideas to the development of Italian comics.

The Italian Association of Medical Physics was holding an exhibition called “Superheroes and Radiation”.

Another large area was dedicated to board games, role-playing games, and collectible cards. Here you would find players with great experience in a variety of games!

In the science fiction zone, one could learn to fight with lightsabers while squadrons of imperial warriors, along with Darth Vader, marched through the festival to their famous soundtrack.

There were also plenty of regular attractions and entertainment for children.

ComicCon Cartoomics 2019 offered a huge area of video games, where competitions were held, as well as the market, where you could buy everything: miniatures, figurines, costumes, accessories, vintage items, Japanese products, comic books…. In short, a lot of everything! Just look at the photos.

It was a magical day. One of those, when after the noise and the crowd of people, it is so nice to read a fresh comic in the peace of your bed.

And we’re sure there will be many more! Let’s stay patient and safe to make Cartoomics 2020 happen.

See you later and read more here!