Welcome, comics lovers!

This is the beginning of a new chapter! Here we will publish news about us and our comics, and also useful materials about the world of comics and pop-culture in general.

Fireclaw cares deeply for comics culture development all over the world. Why else would we start publishing them? Comics is a universe, that contains reality, and unlimited imagination. It can be easy to get lost there.

Yes, nowadays if you have any questions, you can google them immediately. Nevertheless, this first aid tool can sometimes leave us not fully satisfied. Searches on some topics may remind staring into the abyss. Of course, we’re exaggerating a bit. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

We have noticed, that there are two types of readers: newbies and experts. Often the first ones have a million questions, while the answers of the second ones are way too complicated. Sometimes the answers grow into fullscale lectures. I’m sure, some of you are tired of it as much as we are. So, let’s make our common trip into the world of comics and pop-culture easy and enjoyable. Whatcha say?

So, we’ll be publishing here: our own news, because, clearly, we want to share all our wonderful and exciting news; news from the world of games because those are very much related to the comics, as well as the movies, actually; comics around the world, because it’s always useful to stay aware of what’s going on around the globe; and pop culture in general.

And now the best part. You get to choose what you want to read here. Fireclaw wants to be useful for its readers, so, please, email us your questions about the comics and pop-culture on  fireclaw@fireclaw.co or send us a message on our Facebook page. Let us learn, develop, and enjoy our journey together.

See you soon!