Comics and books,
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Bitcomics are digital comics, that are made to be easily read on smartphones.


Bitbooks are digital poetry and novels for your gadget. Horror stories, love letters, adventure books, and more.


These are kids' tales designed to be read from a tablet or phone. Colorful, nice, and friendly stories for everyone. Scroll it all!


Every 30 minutes our server creates a unique Chibi that can be collected, sold, traded, as well as destroyed. Most importantly though, an NFTBits can be bought also without a crypto wallet. When you do so you lock that unique Chibi so no one else can buy it. Once you are ready you can onlock it buying it from Ethereum. Our Chibis are not only pretty to collect, they come with a rarity values that gives you bonuses. COMING SOON!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcomics, Bitbooks, and Bits4Kids are made for easy reading from the smartphone. You can read episode by episode, just start with the first episode and scroll down to the next one.

For all the content on the website, users pay with Coins. They are an inner currency for easy use. You can buy coins here with one transaction and then enjoy all the Bitcomics, Bitbooks, and Bits4kids.

You can purchase coins in your account's Wallet or via this link.

Sure. When you first land on any series page you will see some free episodes - some you can read without registration, and to read others you need to be registered.

You can find all your Bits bought in your account by hovering your avatar and clicking "My Library".

They are always there for you online in your library on Fireclaw website.

Yes. Our publishing house provides products for different age groups: we have both mature content and content for kids. The Fireclaw kids account gives parents control while kids enjoy family-friendly comics and books in their own space. You can switch on "Kid account" in the account preferences, and it will block all mature content on the website.

Sure. Just write us an email from your work account and get a free copy to evaluate the story. Then if you buy one - we will provide you with 20 free coupons for the classroom.