“Price of Independence” (18+): 5 reasons to read the comic!

Today is another wonderful day. Because today we are publishing an exclusive free comic! After the fantasy comic Nohalia Genesis that tells the story of the creepy world creation, we offer an opportunity to dive into the dark version of the USA in the ХІХ century in the “Price of Independence” comic from the world of “Call Me Kate”. So, here are 5 reasons why you should download it right now:

1) It is a part of a full original universe…

“Price of Independence” is devoted to the USA Independence Day, and it is a part of our own series Call me Kate. The main series tells about the main character, Kate, fighting evil and darkness in Victorian England. The “Price of Independence” is a spin-off, where the main hero finds herself on another continent.

2) …but it is a separate story

You don’t need to know the main series to enjoy this issue. “Price of Independence” is both a part of the main story and a separate story of its own. Yes, there’s a mystery all over, so get ready for suspense. But the main thing is that the context is well-defined, the plot is clear, and the comic does not need additional background. And to learn more, you can go on reading the available issues of the main series right after reading this spin-off.

3) There is Oscar Wilde…

Of course, the main character is the mysterious young woman named Kate. She knows how to fight supernatural creatures that threaten the world, and tries to discover the secrets of her own past. But the “Price of Independence” will surprise you with another character – Oscar Wilde himself! It is not just a cameo of the great master. He has a full, yet not completely clear role here. As we all know, he was a pretty interesting person himself, not only in our reality but in the alternative worlds as well!

4) …and he kicks asses

Wilde is traveling together with Kate, helping her with a personal quest. But if supernatural evil crosses their way (which, will definitely happen!), the English dandy won’t sit or hide. But we won’t tell you much. We’ll give you a chance to see it in your own eyes!

5) History games

We pointed out the alternative aspect for a reason. Because the prehistory is the American Revolutionary War. But its long-term consequences, depicted in the pages of this comic fall into the”what if…” category. Here you will see a dark version of further American history with the awakening of an unexplained ancient evil. 

So, hurry up and read the comic here!