Safe And Sound: how to protect comics?

Do you want to have a big and beautiful comics collection? Then you have to read how to protect your comics!

Hello, comic lovers! Today we want to talk a bit about an important issue. At least, for those who are thinking about making his/her own collection, or even already made a few steps in this direction… And we’re sure some of you are! So, we shall talk about ways to protect comic books, how to preserve their good condition and make them last longer.

First of all we have to remember, that comic books are very tender and helpless creatures. The better you try – the longer they survive. Care doesn’t start when you put the book on the shelf. It starts with the moment you take them in your hands. So, be delicate to protect your comics from the first moments:

  • Make sure your hands are clean.
  • Don’t put the comic on dirty surfaces.
  • Don’t bend the pages too much.
  • Be careful when flipping the pages.
  • Don’t read/put your treasure near water, food, fire, smoke etc.

Of course, we can go on with this. Some collectors don’t even read their collections or touch them only wearing gloves to protect comics from the skin fat… But we’ll limit our recommendations to the minimum necessary.

So what do you do after you’ve read the comic?

  • Put it in a special bag for storing. Also, add up a piece of carton inside to avoid bending if the comic is thin.
  • Better to store your singles in boxes, neatly organized, not too tight.
  • TPBs and Hard Covers are better to be kept on the shelves, preferably behind glass to protect comics from dust.
  • Keep in mind that paper likes to be in cool, dry, and dark premises (much like some villains).
  • Avoid humidity, direct sunlight, and temperature changes.

These are the basics of comics care. Pretty simple, right? Follow these ew rules and your collection won’t only be big and profound, but also well-protected! Who knows, maybe you’ll become the next Bob Bretall – the owner of the world’s biggest comics collection? 

Thanks for reading and see you soon!